The Hebrew University Magnes Press
Since 1929

The Hebrew University Magnes Press is the oldest and most prominent university press in Israel. It has made a worldwide name for itself, collaborating with some of the leading academic presses around the world.
Magnes Press was founded in 1929, aiming to produce and distribute high quality scientific literature in Hebrew, in Israel and around the world, for the benefit of scholars, students and the general audience.
Magnes publishes some 60 nonfiction titles yearly, including translations of classic literature and periodicals. So far it has published over 3,000 titles, mostly in Hebrew and English, in various fields of study such as archaeology, the Ancient East, Classical studies, Jewish studies, Christianity, Islam, literature, linguistics, philosophy, history, geography, Middle East, art, musicology, education, psychology, sociology, medicine, and natural sciences.
The oldest series published is the Philosophical Series, later to be joined by Research and Nonfiction, Classics, and two new series: Bridges and Past Tense.
Magnes Press is known for producing books of high quality content and form. Some of the most prominent scholars in their fields have published their books with Magnes.