Board of Directors

Zvi Yekutiel

Ram Ben-Shalom

Professor of the History of the Jewish people and head of the Department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has published widely on Medieval European Jewish History and is the co-editor of the Hispania Judaica Bulletin

David Gliksberg 

Moshe Drori

Vice President Jerusalem District Court (retired). Arbitrator, Mediator, Advocate. Adjunct Lecturer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Rina Talgam

Alexander Yakobson

Alexander Yakobson is Associate Professor of Ancient History in the Hebrew University. His field is democracy, public opinion, popular assemblies and elections in the Graeco-Roman world, especially in the late Roman republic, and also early Imperial history, including the public image and legitimacy of the Imperial regime. Studies in modern history: democracy, national identity, nation-state and human rights and rights of national minorities, religion and state in the contemporary world, including Israel

Ailon Michaely

Ailon Michaely has held senior positions in finance and management capacities in hi-tech and other companies in Israel and the U.S., as well as in the Israeli investment arena. Mr. Michaely has for the last 15 years been an active seed investor (aka “Angel”) in Israeli startup companies and is also involved in several nonprofit organizations. 

Sarah Stroumsa

Rachel Koren

Uzy Rozen

Ori Sagie