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Scientific board

Appointed by the president of the Hebrew University, the Scientific Advisory Board ensures that manuscripts meet high scientific and academic criteria. The board recommends quality manuscripts for the Magnes Press publication program.

Professor Robert Brody (Chairman)
Prof. Brody is a Talmud professor at the Hebrew University. He has published numerous studies, mostly in the field of the Geonim literature. In the past few years his work focuses on Chazal literature, especially the Mishnah, Tosefta, and Babylonian Talmud. 

Professor Meir M. Bar-Asher
Meir M. Bar-Asher, Ph.D. (1991) is a professor of Arabic and former chairman of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the Hebrew University. He has published studies on Imami Shi'i and Isma'ili doctrine and exegesis and on the Nusayri-Alawi religion. His studies include Scripture and Exegesis in Early Shi'ism [Leiden and Jerusalem 1999] and (in collaboration with Aryeh Kofsky), The Nusayri-Alawi Religion: An Enquiry into its Theology and Doctrine, Leiden 2002.

Professor Yoram Bilu
Yoram Bilu is a professor Emeritus in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was the president of the Israeli Anthropological Association and the chairman of the Department of Psychology. His areas of interest are psychological anthropology, ethnopsychiatry, folk religion, and the sanctification of space in Israel.

Professor Yemima Ben-Menahem
Yemima Ben-Menahem is professor Emerita of philosophy at the Hebrew University. Her research centers on the philosophy of science. She is author of Conventionalism, Cambridge UP (2006), editor of Hilary Putnam, Cambridge UP (2005) and co-editor of Probability in Physics, Springer (2011). She is currently working on causal constraints in contemporary physics, such as determinism, locality and symmetry principles. Among her other interests are American pragmatism and the philosophy of history.

Professor Alexander Yacobson
Studies the history of the ancient world – democracy, public opinion, assemblies and elections, public image and legitimization of the rule, especially in the Roman Republic. He also studies democracy, national identity, nation-states, and national minority rights in Israel and around the world.

Professor Anat Zohar
Teaches at the Hebrew University's School of Education. Among her publications are many books and articles on the transformation from teaching methods based on conveying knowledge to teaching centered on research and thought development.

Professor Menahem Blondheim
Teaches communications and history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Chairman of the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace. His research focuses on new technology in the field of communications, American history and Jewish history. Prof. Bondheim also heads the American Studies program at the Hebrew University, serves as chairman of the Steven Spielberg Jewish Cinema Archive and is a member of the scientific boards of the Falk Institute, Davis Institute, the Minerva Center for Human Rights, the Scholas Occurrentes Group, AIX and other institutions.

Professor Avinoam Mann
Hebrew University faculty member, Einstein Institute of Mathematics, since 1969. He published over one hundred scientific articles. Prof. Mann is the editor of the Israel Journal of Mathematics.

Professor Yair Zakovitch

The Father Takeji Otsuki Professor Emeritus of Bible at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Professor Moshe Halbertal
Moshe Halbertal is a professor of Jewish thought and philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a law professor at the University of New York.