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The use of the website is subject to moral obligation and the terms of use, so as not to harm any of the users or Magnes Press employees or Magnes Press itself, by the non-fulfillment of the instructions and implications required by this chapter. For convenience only, this document is in plural and it refers of course to women and men simultaneously.

Agreement between website users and Magnes Press

The use of this website is offered to you conditioned upon the receipt of the terms, conditions, and notices expressly included in this document. The use of this website will be considered as your consent to all the above-mentioned terms, conditions, and notices. As a prerequisite to using our website we kindly request you click the relevant links and browse through the terms of use and the rest of the terms and instructions throughout this website and act according to what is written therein, if you choose to use the websites, pages, or services which said terms and instruction apply to.

Limitation of use for personal and non-commercial purposes only

This website is designed only for personal use and not for commercial use. The users are forbidden to make changes to, copy, distribute, broadcast, present, execute, duplicate, publish, license, create derivative works or sell an item of the information items, the software, products or services which originate with this website.

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This website may contain links to websites which are not operated by Magnes Press, but by other entities. These links are for your convenience and to enhance your browsing through our website only. Magnes Press has no control over these websites, and it does not bear any responsibility for the contents displayed therein. The inclusion of these links on this website is not a confirmation of the material therein and is not to indicate any connection with the operators of aforesaid websites.

Prohibition of illegal or forbidden use

As a condition for the use of the website, the users must undertake not to use this website for any illegal purpose and for any purpose which is forbidden according to the terms, conditions, and notices included herein. Therefore the use of the Magnes Press website in any way which might harm, neutralize, overload or change the website or interfere with the enjoyment or use of any other body with the website is forbidden. Unauthorized access to the website, the accounts, the computer systems, or other network connection with the website, by hacking passwords or in any other way is strictly forbidden. It is also forbidden to attain and attempt to attain materials or information by way which was not intended therefore explicitly by the website. It is prohibited to gather any type (automatic or manual or other) of book pictures and book details which are on the website in order to create a picture and information base for commercial or any other use. Any attempt to do so will be met by a legal action.

Copyright information

Any content, including text, software, edited book pictures, graphics and any other material contained anywhere on the Magnes Press website (hereinafter: the "Information") is copyright, trademark, patent protected or by other copyright and intellectual property rights and laws protected; therefore, you may use the information only according to the explicit permit which is on the website. You undertake not to copy, duplicate, distribute, or create any product whatsoever while using the information, other than by explicit advanced and written permission by Magnes Press, other than the use permitted by law. you undertake not to copy or duplicate in any other way any service content for any reason whatsoever, and not to permit a third party the use as aforesaid. It is strictly forbidden to create any picture and information database which contains the books displayed on the website.


The information, software, products, and services included herein may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. In addition changes are made to the information on the website from time to time. Magnes Press and/or its various vendors may put in improvements and/or changes to the website at any time. As aforesaid above, the use of the website is no substitute to the opinions and experience of professionals in the various fields. In any case which necessitates advice, support, or assistance please use the appropriate professionals.

This document is not a presentation by Magnes Press and/or its vendors regarding the compliancy, credibility, timing, and accuracy of the accompanying information, software, services, and graphics which are included on this website for any purpose. All the accompanying information, software, products, services, and graphics are offered to the users "AS-IS" without any obligation. Magnes Press and/or its various vendors hereby shirk any responsibility and condition as to the accompanying information, software, products, services, and graphics, including any implied responsibility or condition regarding the tradability, suitability to any specific purpose, ownership, and non-breach.

In any case Magnes Press and/or its various vendors will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, punitive damages, accidental, special or consequential damages, or any other type or kind of damage, including, but not limited to, damages due to loss of use, loss of data or loss of profits which are derived by the use of or performances of this website or related thereto in any way whatsoever, or derived from the delay in the use or inability to use the website, supply or non-supply of services or any accompanying information, software, product, service, and graphics which were attained using this website, or which are derived in any other way from the use of this website, whether it is contractual or damages based, complete liability or any other thing, even if Magnes Press or any of its vendors had learned of the possibility of damages as aforesaid. If you are not satisfied by any part whatsoever of this website, or by any term of use, the only and exclusive relief at your disposal is to stop using this website.

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Limited access

Magnes Press reserves the right to refuse access to this website or to any part thereof to any user, at its sole discretion and without any advanced warning.

Change of terms and conditions

Magnes Press reserves the right to make changes in the terms, conditions, and notices which apply to the use of this website.


This agreement is regulated by the laws of the State of Israel. You hereby agree that any dispute arising from the use of this website or related thereto will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in the Jerusalem district, and the venue will be there. The use of this website is forbidden in jurisdictions which do not validate all of the above and under the terms and conditions which are included herein, including, but without limitation, the aforesaid in this paragraph. You hereby confirm that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationships exist as a result of the use of its website, between yourselves and Magnes Press. Without derogating from the above-mentioned, Magnes Press may endorse this agreement, and all rights and duties derived therefrom to the transferee of all or most of its assets by way of sale, merger, and/or in any other way. This agreement shall be binding and will be in favor of both parties, their representatives, heirs and any other authorized representative of theirs other than as aforesaid. Magnes Press will uphold this agreement subject to existing laws and legal proceedings, and the aforesaid in this agreement is not to derogate from its right to hold demands or requests by entities duly authorized by law in anything regarding the use of this website or the information transferred to Magnes Press or collected thereby in regards with the use of the website. Should it be determined that any part of this agreement is invalid, or un enforceable by power of the instructions of the relevant laws, including, but not limited to, the disclaimer and liability limitation clauses above, then the invalid or unenforceable clauses will be considered as if they were replaced by valid and enforceable clauses, the contents of which matches as closely as possible with the intent of the original clauses, while the remainder of the agreement's clauses will remain in force. Should one party, expressly or implicitly, wave a right granted thereto by this document in a certain instance – will not infer to any other case and will not be considered a waiver by said party of rights according to this document. This agreement represents the entire and full agreement between any user and Magnes Press in regards with this website and replaces any communication or previous or current offer, whether electronically or orally or in writing, which occurred between any of the users and Magnes Press in regards with this website. A printed version of this agreement and of any notice forwarded in its electronic format will be admissible evidence in legal or administrative proceedings which are based on or connected to this agreement as equally and subject to the same terms as applied to the rest of the business records and documents which were produced and saved in the original printed format. Any right which is not explicitly granted in this document is as a reserve power.

Copyrights and trademarks
All contents appearing on this website, including applications and files which are included therein, are the intellectual property of Magnes Press and its various vendors and are subject to their owners' copyrights. Copying, distribution, public display or delivery of information, trademark or any other detail which is included in the website are absolutely forbidden without prior written consent by Magnes Press.