Our eBooks are available for viewing on any device.

eBooks are nonrefundable.

On a computer, the books are accessed online, given that there is an internet connection.

On portable devices, the eBooks are downloaded to the Magnes App as a protected file.

The eBooks are not available on Kindle at this time.

Reading eBooks online

In order to purchase an eBook, please make sure that you have registered onto the Magnes website. Do so by clicking SIGN IN.

After purchasing an eBook, click your name and then MY EBOOKS on the menu that comes up.

This will open a list of the eBooks you purchased. Click READ NOW next to the book you wish to read.

Reading eBooks on portable devices:

Download for free the Magnes App for Android or iOS. 

Google play badge App store badge

Open the app and enter your email and Magnes password.

A list of the eBooks you purchased will appear. Click DOWNLOAD to download a book onto your device. The book will appear in your library.

* eBooks can be downloaded to 6 different devices.

* Customers who purchased eBooks on the Magnes Press website in the past can now download and view them on the Magnes App. 

Important message for Apple users:
In some iOS-operated devices the following options are currently unavailable: copying, highlighting, adding notes. We advise customers using these devices to consider carefully before purchasing our e-books. We are working to fix this problem. 

Using our ebooks

The following features are available in a majority of our eBooks.

Move the pointer along the buttons above for explanations.

Click the three dots on the left for more options: bookmarks, highlighting and printing.

Printing: Printing is unlimited, allowing for one page to be printed at a time.

Searching: Click on the magnifying glass to search the text for a word or phrase. The search results will appear in yellow. Browse the results with the arrows on the keyboard.

Copying: Mark and copy (by right click and COPY or by pressing CTL+C)

Highlighting: Mark and click the highlighting button (upper left). A note can be added here as well. To view your notes click the three dots and then HIGHLIGHTS.

Bookmarking: Add a bookmark by clicking the flag symbol and typing in the desired text.


In order to listen to the audio please log into the Magnes website, then click your name, MY AUDIO and LISTEN NOW.