Academon is a leading publisher in the field of textbooks and scholarly books for higher education facilities in Israel.
It was established in the 1960s (as The Reproduction Factory), aiming to print and distribute course books and textbooks among students of the Hebrew University. Academon initially operated a small sales stand on the Givat Ram Campus and at a later stage had its own printer.
The press is owned by the Hebrew University and its Students’ Union, and as of 2012 it is run by Magnes Press.
Its catalogue features hundreds of textbooks spanning most fields of academic study, including studies by key scholars such as Yeshayahu Leibowitz. Some of these studies are used by students to this day.
Among Academon’s more recent publications are Hebrew language textbooks. These are mostly the work of teachers of the Hebrew University's Rothberg International School, and are considered some of the best in their genre.

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Contact information
Shlomi Aspar  
fax: +972-2-6584352 / tel.: +972-2-6584352