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Journal of Rural Cooperation

Special issue: Cooperative values in internationalized operations

כרך 40-2

This special issue of Journal of Rural Cooperation has its origin in an eRNAC (electronic Research Network of Agricultural Cooperatives) conference held in Helsinki, Finland, June 14-16, 2012.

The general theme of the conference was Cooperative Values in Internationalized Operations. The operations in the agro-food industry are becoming so large that operational areas grow larger than national borders. Many agro-food firms are global. Agricultural cooperatives are obliged to follow the development. However, cooperatives’ internationalization turns out to be problematic. How to deal with members and non-members in different countries? Who is entitled to the residual? Are old principles such as equal treatment and democratic decision-making still applicable?

Writers in this issue:  Jerker Nilsson, Petri Ollila, Daniela Maria Pozzobon, Decio Zylbersztajn,  Jos Bijman, Murray Fulton, Onstantinos Giannakas, Jeffrey Royer, Gregory McKee, Ryan Larsen, Fabiana Cherubim Bortoleto, Davi Rogério de Moura Costa, Daniel E. May, Tursinbek Sultan and Axel Wolz.

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