>Covenant and World Religions
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Covenant and World Religions

Irving Greenberg, Jonathan Sacks, and the Quest for Orthodox Pluralism


A new paradigm for relations between religions, one of acceptance and collaboration, requires not only a willingness to move beyond a tradition of hostility and competition but also significant theological rethinking. Within Jewish Orthodoxy there have been very few voices that have advanced and justified a vision of other faiths in this light: to this day, the reigning paradigm is one of practical collaboration while avoiding theologically based engagement or reflection. Two of the most important Orthodox Jewish voices advocating change have been those of Irving Yitz Greenberg and Jonathan Sacks. This book presents the theological, moral, and social views of these two leading rabbis. It focuses on the significance of covenant for both, and how they adapt this concept to enable the development of a Jewish view of other religions. In considering how they may have influenced each other, it also studies the limitations and internal contradictions that characterize their work as they attempt to point the way forward, in a spirit of dialogue, to continuing theological reflection on Judaism’s approach to world religions.

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"This probing, respectful, and critical study articulates a pluralistic understanding of Judaism rooted in empathetic listening, personal friendships, and mutual theological cross-fertilization. Exceptionally clear and precise, this work is an excellent tool for those interested in interreligious dialogues". - Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, Lowe Professor of Modern Judaism, Arizona State University

"We have here a detailed analysis of the thought of two renowned rabbis and theologians on the challenges faced by Orthodox Judaism in relating to other world religions. As a leader in interfaith work and an outstanding scholar in the field, Goshen-Gottstein is uniquely suited to tackle this provocative and timely topic". - Marc Shapiro, Weinberg Chair in Judaic Studies, University of Scranton

"Alon Goshen-Gottstein is one of the leading contemporary Jewish scholars and practitioners of interreligious dialogue. In this book he offers profound analysis and insight into the writings and thought of two of the most notable rabbinic personalities to emerge from Modern Orthodoxy. He highlights their commonalities and distinctions in a manner that provides much stimulation and enrichment, as well as providing a challenge ahead for Jewish theology". - Rabbi David Rosen, KSG CBE, International Director of Interreligious Affairs, American Jewish Committee

"Written with courage and great learning, this remarkable book argues for the importance of going beyond covenant theology to the notion of all human beings as created in the image of God as a basis for a truly positive relationship between individuals and their religions. It also serves as conspectus of contemporary Orthodox theology. Warmly recommended to all Jews who want to live in, and not only next to, the world around us". - Menachem Kellner, Chair of Philosophy and Jewish Thought, Shalem College, Jerusalem

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