>Judaism of the Second Temple Period
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Judaism of the Second Temple Period

Qumran and Apocalypticism

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In Judaism of the Second Temple Period, Flusser examines the influence of apocalypticism on various Jewish sects. He states that the teachings of Jesus, while reflecting first and foremost the views of the sages, are also influenced by Jewish apocalypticism. Examining the Essenes, their effect on Hebrew language, the split of sects, and much more, Flusser's collected essays offer an important source of study for any Dead Sea Scrolls scholar. 

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William Adler
North Carolina State University
"Students of early Judaism and Christianity owe the late David Flusser a deep and lasting debt of gratitude for his far-ranging contributions to the field. No scholar has done more to enrich our understanding of Jesus and the New Testament in the context of Judaism of that day. These essays, now available for the first time in English translation, represent Flusser's scholarship at its best: prodigious learning, close textual analysis, original insights, and unrivaled command of the languages and source material."

Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J.
Catholic University of America
"This translation of collected essays of David Flusser on Judaism of the Second Temple Period is a very welcome addition to the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It discusses many aspects of the relation of Qumran literature to later Jewish writings and even to the Christian writings of the New Testament. All who make use of this book will profit from Flusser's learned and thorough treatment of such texts."

John J. Collins
Yale University
"David Flusser was an original and colorful commentator on Second Temple Judaism, and he was especially influential in Israeli scholarship. Many of Flusser's articles, however, have hitherto not been available in English, were widely scattered in obscure publications besides, and consequently have not been widely known
in the English-speaking world. Azzan Yadin has rendered an inestimable service to scholars and students of Second Temple Judaism by translating them and bringing them together in this timely volume."

Ch. Grappe, Revue D'Histoire et de Philosophie Religieuses 2008, Tome 88 no 3