>Studies in the Culture of North African Jewry
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Studies in the Culture of North African Jewry

Collection of the Lectures Presented in the Workshop at Yale University October 15–24, 2012

כרך ג

This volume offers twelve studies based on lectures delivered by participants of the workshop. These studies deal with culture and history, customs and traditions from all North African Jewish communities. The studies are to a large extent based on documents housed in the Yale University Library. This volume is a continuation of volume 1 that appeared in 2011.

The articles in this volume:

Moshe Bar-Asher – Moroccan Traditions on Worshippers of the Golden Calf and Profaned Priests

Nathalie Akun – Vestiges of Eretz Israel in the Hebrew of Morocco

Avishai Bar-Asher – Tablets and Fragments of Tablets: Some Notes on R. Yehuda b. Yoseph Al-Carasani's Aron ha-'Edut

Yaakov Bentolila – The Nineteenth-Century Book of Records from the Jewish Community of Tangier and Its Contribution to a Dictionary of Hebrew Elements in Haketia

Ephraim Hazan and Rachel Hitin-Mashiah – Mi Khamokha, Local Piyyutim on Miraculous Deliverance in North African Jewish Communities

Yehudit Henshke – The Judeo-Arabic Origins of Modern Israeli Idioms and Proverbs

Nahem Ilan – A Letter of Intervention on Behalf of the Greek Patriarch Egypt

Aharon Maman – Textual Metonymy in Jewish Languages

Jessica M. Marglin – Cooperation and Competition among Jewish and Islamic Courts: Double Notarization in Nineteenth-Century Morroco

Ariel Shaveh – Trends in Contemporary North African Prayer Books

Joseph Tedghi – An Unpublished Responsum by Rabbi Yoseph Messas about Jewish Marriage Contracts

Ofra Tirosh-Bedker – A Reflection of a Linguistic Reality: An Algerian Judeo-Arabic Book for the New Year

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