>Between Poles and Jews
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Between Poles and Jews

The Development of Nahum Sokolow's Political Thought

This book focuses on the formative years of Nahum Sokolow's political thought during the years in which he dedicated his energies to working within the social fabric of the Jewish community of Polish lands. In his political thought, activities and agenda, Sokolow consistently searched for a "middle way" that would create a common space in which the many different sectors of Jewish society could come together. Sokolow also hoped that his political agenda would have an impact upon Polish society at a time when Jews and non-traditional Jewish movements were heavily influenced by the liberal atmosphere of Polish positivism. Until the end of the 1890s Sokolow hoped that the Jewish progressive circle would be his main political and ideological ally. However, as the twentieth century approached Sokolow realized that his attempt to persuade these intellectuals to join him in his new political agenda had failed. This forced him to turn to a new ideological formula, the Zionist movement. Even then, however, he continued to espouse his own moderate brand of Jewish politics for the remainder of his life in Russian Empire, Germany and England. Over the years, this commitment to his unique ideology made Sokolow one of the most prominent representatives of Polish Jewish.
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