>Studies in Mishnaic Hebrew and Related Fields
מידע נוסף

Studies in Mishnaic Hebrew and Related Fields

Proceedings of the Yale Symposium on Mishnaic Hebrew, May 2014


The eighteen studies presented here originated in a symposium held at Yale in 2014, attended by scholars from Europe, Israel, and North America. The papers approach the subject of Mishnaic Hebrew from many different angles and directions, including grammar, from morphology to syntax to pragmatics; the relationship between the literary dialect and epigraphic evidence; manuscripts; questions of language contact, lexicography, social history, and medieval traditions; and the problem of translating Mishnaic Hebrew into modern languages. The contributors to this volume are among the leading scholars in the field and the collection represents both the current state of research and the cutting edge of future work.

This volume includes the following essays:

Chanan Ariel | Deviations from Mishnaic Hebrew

Moshe Bar-Asher | Problems in the Description of the Morphology of Mishnaic Hebrew 

Elitzur A. Bar-Asher Siegal | Towards a Reconsideration of the Tense-Aspect-Mood System of Tannaitic Hebrew 

Gabriel Birnbaum | Phonological and Morphological Studies in MS Antonin 262 (Mishnah Seder Teharoth

Steven E. Fassberg | The Language of the Bet Amar Papyrus in Light of Other Judean Desert Documents

Steven D. Fraade | The Innovation of Nominalized Verbs in Mishnaic Hebrew as Marking an Innovation of Concept 

Aaron Koller | The Social and Geographic Origins of Mishnaic Hebrew 

Aharon Maman | Rabbinic Hebrew in the Eyes of Medieval Hebrew Philologists 

Emmanuel Mastey | Cases of Semantic Variation in Mishnaic Hebrew: The Verbs hillek and qaras

Michael Ryzhik |  The Language of the Mishnah from the Late Manuscripts to the Printed Editions

Bernard Septimus | The Face of Shame: Between Palestinian Blushing and Babylonian Blanching 

Rivka Shemesh-Raiskin | Towards a Description of Halakhic Give-and-Take Conversations in the Mishnah

Nurit ShovalDudai | Identical Lemmata of Greek and Latin Loanwords in the Historical Dictionary of the Hebrew Language: Classes and Criteria

Ruth Stern | The Noun haluq and Its Variant Forms in Rabbinic Hebrew

Daniel Stokl Ben Ezra | The Mishnah into French: Translation Issues

Ofra Tirosh-Becker | The Relative Pronoun Se- Rabbinic Hebrew as Reflected in Karaite Sources

Doron Ya'akov | The Relation between Maimonides and the Yemenite Tradition in Mishnaic Hebrew

Alexey (Eliyahu) Yuditsky | qosin and qorpayot

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