>The Toronto School of Communication Theory
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The Toronto School of Communication Theory

Interpretations, Extensions, Applications

'This collection aims to re-assess the existence and re-evaluate the contribution of the Toronto School of Communication. Both editors and contributors are to be commended for assembling a well researched and timely study featuring excellent papers, insightful views, and vigorous critical assessment. The Toronto School of Communication Theory will certainly appeal to media students and scholars, as well as anyone interested in the individuals who come under discussion.' - Derrick de Kerckhove, Director of the McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology, University of Toronto

'The Toronto School of Communication Theory is an interesting and important collection that succeeds in extending the classic theories of the Toronto School into contemporary studies of media. Anyone who is currently working in the field of Communication Studies and in the cognate social sciences will find this a fascinating volume. As well, those interested in the work of Marshall McLuhan and Harold Innis will find this to be enjoyable reading.' - Peter Simonson, University of Colorado at Boulder
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