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>HINNEH: Biblical Hebrew the Practical Way
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HINNEH: Biblical Hebrew the Practical Way

Volume I + II + Tool Box


Hinneh – a new and revised 3-volume edition

A Biblical Hebrew Textbook unlike Any Other


Hinneh balances two major demands of an introductory language program: the presentation of the most frequently occurring lexical and grammatical examples, and the sequencing of the material in a way that allows for easier teaching and learning.

· Enables a rigorous yet non-intimidating learning experience for students of different levels.

· Provides the skills and tools necessary to allow students to independently access most biblical texts early on.

· Gradually builds students’ knowledge through wide exposure to a large number of biblical verses, prose, and poetry, accompanied by translation exercises.

· Offers many styles and different possible interpretations of various biblical texts so that students can independently and critically examine and evaluate biblical translations.

· Employs learning methods informed by second language pedagogy and related fields (e.g. order of presentation determined by both frequency and “learnability,” “Color by root groups” to internalize the complex verb system, etc.).

· A textbook and workbook for both the academic and non-academic classroom, as well as for the independent learner. 

Rahel Halabe is a designer, developer, and instructor of both Biblical and Modern Hebrew curricula with more than 20 years of experience. For more information on Hinneh: Biblical Hebrew, The Practical Way please visit          
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Halabe on Hinneh as a reference book for Hebrew teachers


" […] The strengths of this textbook are its logical organization, straightforward explanations, relevant and copious biblical examples, useful charts and illustrations, and interesting exercises employing biblical texts aimed at recognition and translation skills. Hinneh: Biblical Hebrew the Practical Way deserves consideration as a possible adoption for class, and for some instructors it may well become the textbook of choice." - Review of Biblical Literature, Michael Graves, July 2019

Hebrew Higher Education, Timothy Hogue, August 2018 

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Reshet Bet, "A Moment of Hebrew", Rachel Halabe, May 2015

"Teachers should be pretty well satisfied with these introductory lessons. They are not only informative, but they are also laid out in a clear and easy to read manner. Visual space allows for the assimilation of the data. All in all, Halabé has made a significant contribution to introductory grammars." - Society of Biblical Literature, by John Engle, 2013

"She [Halabe] also stresses recognition rather than reproduction. She is not concerned to have the student write out paradigm after paradigm, but instead concerned that they could recognize a form in context." The Expository Times, Kurtis Peters (University of Edinburgh)

Hed Ha'ulpan Ha'hadash, Rivka Bilbiom, 2013 

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