>Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Vol. 5
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Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Vol. 5

New Research, New Views


This volume focuses on Polish Jews in Germany; Zionism in Poland; and art and architecture. More specifically, this latter section considers the physical impact of the Jewish presence in Polish towns-in general, and in Góra Kalwaria, home to the Gerer hasidic dynasty; there is also a map of synagogue buildings still standing in 1988 and an inventory showing their current use, and an illustrated article on new Jewish monuments in Warsaw. Several of the remaining articles relate to Polish or Yiddish literature.

Some of the articles in this volume:
-Góra Kalwaria: The Impact of a Hasidic Cult on the Urban Landscape of a Small Polish Town
-The Function of Synagogues in the PPR, 1988
-Polish Jews in Germany The Expulsion of Jews with Polish Citizenship from Bavaria in 1923
-The Beginnings of the Zionist Movement in Congress Poland: The Victory of the Hasidim over the Zionists?
-Yiddish Literature and Collective Memory: The Case of the Chmielnicki Massacres
-Polish Socialism and the Jewish Question on the Eve of the Establishment of the Polish Socialist Party (PPR) and Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland
-The Conference 'Studies on the History of the Jewish Inhabitants of Silesia', Wroclaw, 1998 

Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska, Józef Adelson, Mark Baker, Wladyslaw T. Bartoszewski, Eleonora Bergman, Andrzej S. Ciechanowiecki, Artur Eisenbach, John P. Fox, Jedrzej Giertych, Joseph Goldstein, Karel Grünberg, Jan Jagielski, Stanislaw Jankowski, Paul Latawski, Krystyn Matwijowski, Jadwiga Maurer, Moshe Mishkinsky, Israel Oppenheim, Adam Penkalla, Maria and Kazimierz Pietchotka, Krzysztof Pilarczyk, Tomasz Polanski, Laura Quercioli-Mincer, Chone Shmeruk, Laurence Weinbaum  

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